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There’s no doubt that hybrid golf clubs are here to stay. Every major golf company offers hybrids in certain degrees. They’re simply easier to hit and much more forgiving on off center hits than conventional irons. Even the touring professionals have replaced many of their long irons with hybrids. The problem is that you can only find hybrids to replace the longer irons. How many times have you “choked up” and taken an “easy” swing with your hybrid #4 when you know it’s too much club, but you don’t want to hit your conventional five-iron? How many times have you missed the green from 100 yards because you hit your conventional short iron either “fat” or “thin”? Have you ever had a short pitch over a bunker and stuck your sharp-bladed sand wedge into the ground behind the ball, then having to face a bunker shot with the same club?

These hybrid clubs help eliminate all those problems. With most golfers, a standard set has a fairway wood or two, a couple hybrids and conventional irons to complete the set. All these clubs look and feel different. Each type of club requires a different type of swing. With an “All-Hybrid” set, no longer will you need to adapt your swing to clubs which look and feel different. Every club in the hybrid set looks, feels and swings the same. The only difference from club to club is the loft.


 There are several reasons:

 1. They have a “meatier” look than a conventional, thin-bladed iron, which promotes confidence when addressing the ball.

 2. The lower center of gravity created by the large, rounded sole gets the ball airborne much more easily than it does with a standard iron.

 3. The rounded sole will not stick in the ground as it can with a conventional, sharp-edged iron.

 4. The no-hosel design eliminates shanking.

 5. You’ll get better results on miss hit shots. The perimeter weighting produces solid feeling shots, no matter where on the face the ball is struck. 


There’s no secret, but the “key” is striking the ball on the downswing. The rounded sole allows you to “thump” the club on the ground through impact, producing a small divot. Do not attempt to “pick” the ball off the ground the way you would “pick” the ball off a tee with a driver or “sweep” the ball off the turf with a three-wood. With these hybrids, the ball should be struck like it would with a conventional iron; down and through with a descending blow. When the ball is struck in this manner, it will “jump” off the clubface, produce a “sweet” feel and a higher, longer and straighter ball flight than it will with any conventional iron.
Tired of hitting lousy iron shots?

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* If you're now using conventional irons, consistently hitting the greens in regulation and your game is already as good as it could possibly be, don't waste your time exploring this website. If, however, you feel there is some room for improvement, please read on...