During my lifetime, I have been involved in golf on many different levels. I began playing at the ripe old age of five. I played competitive golf as a junior, a high school player, a collegian player, a PGA Club Professional and a PGA Touring Professional.
 I have hit and owned more sets of golf clubs than I could begin to count. Since 1978, I’ve been building custom golf clubs. At 6’6”, I first built clubs for myself, as it was difficult to find stock clubs that fit. As people saw my work, I began making custom clubs for sale. Through the years, “wooden” woods became “metal” woods, which made a big difference, and “steel” shafts became “graphite” shafts, which helped make clubs much lighter, which in turn, allowed us to swing the club faster and hit the ball farther. 
The one area in which I do not feel much progress has been made is in iron head design. That is, until recently, when the new “hybrids” hit the market. These clubs have revolutionized iron play. Like almost everyone else, when I was no longer able to get my 1-iron off the ground, I put the equivalent hybrid in my bag. Next it was the 2-iron, then the 3, 4, 5 and 6. The problem now was that none of the major manufacturers made true hybrid golf clubs from 7 through the sand wedge. Many of them make standard looking mid and short irons with a large backing, but they still don’t have the look or feel of a true hybrid. 
UNTIL NOW! I’ve come up with two models which I really like. I offer these clubs individually or in complete sets. Every club looks and swings the same. These are high quality stainless steel heads. I use only high quality graphite shafts and Golf Pride grips. I use these clubs myself, and I can honestly say that I have never hit the quality of golf shots with as much ease as I have since I started using these hybrid clubs about a year ago. I’m able to easily hit long irons in the air again, I’m more accurate with the mid irons and the short irons are fantastic, especially the sand wedge! I'm so confident that you'll be extremely happy with these hybrid clubs that I’m willing to offer a money back guarantee.
Tired of hitting lousy shots with your conventional iron clubs? Give these hybrids a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised!    
                                                   - Jon Ebert, Golf Professional
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