If you suffer from a bad back,
                                    arthritis or tendonitis, and you’re
                                    bound and determined not to give
                                    up the game, I can help.

                                    The Integra iDrive is also offered
                                    in a stress reducing, shock resistant
                                    model which  will drastically reduce 
                                    the stress you put on your shoulders,
                                    elbows, wrists, hands and back, each
                                    and every time you swing the club, 
                                    by lessening the resistance and 
                                    reducing the shock of impact. This 
                                    constant shock works its way through
                                    every joint in your body, and over
                                    time, has an accumulative effect. 

                                      THE CLUB HEAD

The Integra iDrive Hybrid club head has an extremely broad, rounded sole which glides through the turf instead of digging into the turf like a conventional iron. The faces of the large, hollow heads have a trampoline effect which absorbs shock much better than conventional, blade style irons. If preferred, The PP Select 5000 head may also be used. 

                 Integra iDrive                               PP Select 5000

                                            THE SHAFT

The lightweight, iDrive Tour graphite shaft used in this model is designed with slightly more shaft flex. This added flex provides a softer feel for those arthritic wrists, elbows and shoulders and helps ease the strain on the lower back. This added shaft flex also promotes a smoother swing without sacrificing club head speed through impact.  For players with lower back pain, slightly longer lengths are recommended. The extra length allows the player to stand taller at address, reducing that 45-degree bend in the lower back which causes so much discomfort.  

Finally, and most importantly, the ProSoft Vibration Dampening Insert is installed in each shaft. This “open cell” foam rubber insert is designed to dampen those vibrations which cause your body to ache at the end of the round. The insert fits snugly inside the shaft and will never come loose. It does not add static weight or swing weight. Best of all, it really works!     


                                                THE GRIP

Lamkin's state-of-the-art technology sets the bar in the grip market. Since 1925, Lamkin has left an enduring footprint on golf-grip innovation.  

That tradition continues with their newest grip, featuring a brand-new and proprietary 3GEN material. This huge material advancement, a unique synthetic rubber compound, is soft, tacky and absorbs vibration. In the new Performance Plus grips, 3GEN combines materials with a perfectly tapered design and tactile surface pattern, resulting in the most multi-functional grip on the market that can be played in any part of the country, in any playing condition. 

Lamkin's new proprietary 3GEN material is a very unique, synthetic rubber compound that's both soft and tacky. It provides unmatched "single-strike" vibration-dampening properties that protects a golfer's hand, wrist and arm joints from jarring shockwaves. Used in other applications and industries, 3GEN mutes virtually all vibration and stinging of the hands at impact, providing an incredibly soft feel. The material maintains a high level of tackiness and can be easily wiped for a fresh feel and excellent traction. And unlike competitors' soft polyurethane grips, 3GEN is a form of synthetic rubber that has very low torque, similar to that of a traditional rubber grip, and will not feel as if it's sliding around the shaft at impact. That firmness lasts throughout the life of the grip. 3GEN also features a vastly improved resistance to environmental aging and weathering factors. The material will not absorb any moisture and its tackiness is activated by toweling off the grip or using a light abrasive brush. It continually performs better if it's cleaned regularly. Available in black or white in ladies, men's standard and midsizes. 




                           RETROFIT YOUR EXISTING SET

While the Integra iDrive and PP Select 5000 hybrid heads work best because of their lighter weights and rounded, shock reducing, rocker soles, your existing clubs can also be retrofitted to lessen the resistance and help reduce the shock of impact. The ProSoft Vibration Dampening Inserts can be inserted into your existing shafts and the Lamkin 3GEN shock absorbing grips can be installed. The cost of converting your existing set is $20 per club plus tax and shipping. (Sales tax on Florida sales only).  

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Good Clubs for Bad Backs
Shaft Section
Endorsed by Dr. Vivian Ebert
    Chiropractic Physician
The above options are available on   both models at no extra charge.