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PP Select 5000
Integra iDrive
       The Chipper & Flipper
   "The Ultimate Stroke Savers"



The Power Play Select 5000 hybrid irons have an innovative design which makes them easier to hit than your lofted fairway woods, but gives you the accuracy you need in your irons. They have smaller, shallower, more compact heads than the System Q hybrids for those who prefer the appearance of a smaller clubhead. The unique smooth sole design reduces the chance of "digging" and lowers the center of gravity to assure that the ball gets airborne quickly and lands much softer on the green than it does with conventional irons. If you struggle with conventional irons and are looking for higher, longer and straighter shots, these are just the ticket! (Available in right & left handed) $80 each plus tax and shipping. (Sales tax on Florida sales only). Clubs sold individually. A zippered, leatherette head cover with embroidered number is included with each club.

Club   1       2      3       4      5        6        7      8       9     PW     SW
Loft    15°   18°   21°   24°   27°    30°     34°   38°   42°    46°     52°


                                     Integra iDrive Hybrids

 The Integra iDrive Hybrid is a utility/rescue head featuring a design that gets the center of gravity lower and farther to the back of the club head. This promotes a higher ball flight and the maximum forgiveness golfers are looking for in their hybrids. These breakthrough hybrid irons produce more distance than conventional irons while delivering exceptional control!  These Integra iDrive hybrids will help you reach your full potential. A versatile head that can replace your irons and leave you confident that you can save yourself some valuable strokes. Made from the highest quality 17-4 stainless steel. Available in right and left handed. $80 each plus tax and shipping. (Sales tax on Florida sales only.) Clubs sold individually. A numbered head cover is included with each club.

Club   1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9       PW       SW       LW
Loft   13°    16°    19°    22°   25°    28°   31°    34°    37°     40°       43°       4



The Power Play Select 5000 and the Integra iDrive hybrid irons are paired with the popular, filament wound Integra iDrive graphite shaft. It is offered in the following four flexes: Ladies, Men’s Soft (Senior), Men’s Regular and Men’s Stiff. Club lengths are standard. Shorter or longer lengths are available upon request at no extra charge. 


All clubs are gripped with the PGA Tour proven Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips. There is no better feeling grip on the market. It’s the grip with the most fans worldwide. Men’s and ladies sizes are standard. Midsize or arthritic sizes are available upon request at no extra charge. 

 The Ultimate Stroke Savers

Two clubs I believe every golfer will benefit from are the “chipper” and the “flipper”. The Acer XK Chipper head combines the loft of an 8-iron with the weight and lie of a putter. It’s the perfect club to use when the ball is just far enough off the green that you don’t feel comfortable with a putter. It’s much, much easier to “putt” the ball with this chipper than it is to “pinch” the ball off the turf with a lofted iron or trying to control the distance with a pitch & run shot using a conventional 7 or 8-iron. All you do is use your standard putting grip, stance and stroke. The ball will jump over the fringe, land on the green and roll like a putt. The ultrawide contoured sole glides across either the rough or the close cropped apron surrounding the green. Gooseneck, over-the-hosel design increases the effective face area and eliminates the possibility of shanking the ball like with an iron. 

The Acer XK Chipper has been a big hit! Many of my customers have asked for the exact same clubhead style with more loft for that tricky, in between distance of a regular chip shot and a softer “flop” shot. Enter the XK Flipper! At 46-degrees (the same as a pitching wedge), by using your standard putting grip, stance and stroke, the club will glide along the grass and pop the ball softly onto the green with no chance of shanking. No more chunky monkeys! The “Flipper” is here to save the day!  The cost of the chipper and the flipper is $49 plus tax and shipping. (Sales tax on Florida sales only).



Integra iDrive (Pink)